maanantai 8. elokuuta 2016

Go, girl!

 Some Girl power today! And lot´s of love for life - that I see in these beautiful young ladies, girls from Afganistan originally. My dear friends, love to have you here as our guests :)))!

I wish we treat you well! My dearest Finland - don´t let us down! My country which is famous for women´s rights. Let it stay as that.

Knowing the full story of so many families in unfair or hopeless circumstances and disorder - including theirs - It is hard to understand these news, for example here. War, chaos, hate, discrimination, you name it. And here, near to us, in our daily life: ignorance. Way too often.

 On the backround, these horrifying news lately, from Kabul.

Safe and privileged Helsinki - and a happy little summer girl here! <3

But there is always hope for the future!
There is always available some support from a woman to a woman.
Or, let´s say, from a human being to another human being.

Women can and will change the world. Little by little, bit by bit.
Girl power! It is humble yet wise power. It knows it´s limits but it is trustful as a new dawn.

Trustful people will change the world, not knowing that it could not be changed for the better.

That is why I also just love this new video from a finnish young and talented artist Alma, showing also such a strong girl power:

Alma, 20 years:

(If that link does not work, try here:)
With a real message.

Go, girl!

More about Alma Miettinen, (named also as Finland´s own Adele!) you will find here. 

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